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JESS: Announcing Jess 7.0b2

friedman_hill ernest j
Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce the immediate release of Jess version
7.0b2. This release includes a number of ease-of-use features, bug
fixes, and most importantly, dramatic improvements to the
documentation. The Javadoc is much improved, there are new sections on
JSR94, XML, GUI programming, queries, and many clarifications and
fixed. You can get this release at the usual location:

As usual, questions or comments are welcome to the mailing list at
[hidden email] or to me at [hidden email]. You can get
more information about new features in the release notes at .

From the change log:

  Fix interactions between code folding and auto-paren insertion
  (thanks Howard Greenblatt). Format in editor no longer appends a blank
  line to document. Lots of work on the manual and Javadocs. Fix a
  memory leak in TokenTree (thanks Steven Goncalo.) min and max work
  with LONG (thanks Shan Ming Woo.) Static imports! Fix for accumulate
  bug (Woo, again.) Definstance uses template resolution procedure as
  assert (Woo). Fixed an erroneous report of variable used before
  definition (thanks Bill Robinson).

Ernest Friedman-Hill  
Advanced Software Research          Phone: (925) 294-2154
Sandia National Labs                FAX:   (925) 294-2234
PO Box 969, MS 9012                 [hidden email]
Livermore, CA 94550

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