JESS: Assistant Position at University of Ulm, Computer Science, Constraint-Preogramming

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JESS: Assistant Position at University of Ulm, Computer Science, Constraint-Preogramming

Thom Fruehwirth

Please pass this message on to whoever you think may be interested.


Institute of Software Engineering and Compiler Construction, University
of Ulm, Germany

Starting Date October 1st, 2011.

The context of the position requires a basic command of German at the
time of application.

A research/teaching position is available for Ph.D. students or postdocs
at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Ulm, Department of
Software Engineering and Compiler Construction in the area of Constraint
Programming, in particular Constraint Handling Rules (CHR). Start at for
background information.

At least a master or equivalent in computer science or strongly related
area is required. The initial appointment will be for two years,
beginning as soon as possible, with a possible renewal for another two

The applicant should have knowledge and interest in one or more of the
following areas: Declarative Programming, Logic, Program Analysis,
Artificial Intelligence.

Mandatory teaching responsibilities are four lecture hours per week (in
German or English).

The position is funded by the state according to salary scheme E13 TV-L,
which means a net income of about 1750 to 2000 Euro a month (after
deduction of taxes and of mandatory health and social insurance). Flats
can be rented starting at about 500 Euro a month.

Ulm is a pleasant city of 150.000 on the Danube, close to Stuttgart,
Munich, the Alps, and Lake Konstanz. Every day life requires a basic
command of German.

Prospective applicants should email their resume with two references,
certificates, proof of German skills, and link(s) to homepage and
publications if available, to
Prof. Dr. Thom Fruehwirth, c/o Eva Englert (secretary)
[hidden email],
by May 1st, 2011.
Also use above email for questions concerning the position.

The University of Ulm aims to increase the representation of women in
research and teaching and therefore expressly encourages female
scientists to apply. Disabled applicants with relevant qualifications
will be given priority.


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