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JESS: [EXTERNAL] [CFP] 3rd CHR Summer School in Berlin

Thom Fruehwirth
3rd CHR Summer School in Berlin

"Third time's the charm"
Programming and Reasoning with Rules and Constraints

After going to Belgium and Egypt, and having attracted over 50
participants to learn about and to discuss engaging topics related to
Constraint Programming (CP) and Constraint Handling Rules(CHR),
the third summer school will take place this year in Germany.

Where? - GUC Berlin, Germany

When?  - 8th to 12th of July, 2013

Why? - To introduce rule-based and constraint-based high-level
        declarative programming, and to provide insights based on
        these concepts for the analysis of programs, whilst
        covering a wide range of topics of varying difficulty
        from theory to practice

Who? - For students, researchers, interested practitioners around the
        world who wish to learn about CP and CHR, the only prerequisites
        are a working knowledge of English and basic knowledge of logic
        and Prolog (typically covered in undergraduate classes)

     1. Introduction to Constraint Programming and Modeling a Constraint
     2. Consistency Techniques and Constraint Reasoning
     3. Constraint-Based Scheduling
     4. Introduction to Constraint Handling Rules (CHR)
     5. Implementing Constraint Solvers using CHR
     6. Analysis of CHR Solvers
     7. Abductive Reasoning and language processing with CHR
     8. Probabilistic CHR: CHRiSM
     9. Source to Source Transformation for CHR
    10. Parallel Execution of CHR on a Graphical Processing Unit
    11. Confluence Analysis of CHR Programs
    12. Optimizing Compilation of CHR
    13. ASV Roboat - an autonomous sailing boat for ocean monitoring and
its long-term routing

Early Registration deadline   - April 30, 2013

Normal Registration deadline  - June 15, 2013

With support from GUC Egypt and DAAD Germany

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