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JESS: [EXTERNAL] Job opportunity: make the world a safer place using JESS!

Dale Paus
CriSys Limited is a leading supplier of public-safety systems used by
9-1-1 centers, Fire-Rescue departments, Police forces, EMS-Ambulance
agencies and Disaster Response services.  We have a full-time opening
for an experienced JESS/Java developer to enhance our product
offerings.  The position is at our Toronto, Canada offices; if you are
not located within the Greater Toronto area you must be prepared to
travel to Toronto periodically.

If you're a disciplined, proficient JESS/Java developer who is
interested in working with a team of like-minded persons to help save
lives and protect our communities, please send an e-mail to
[hidden email] telling us - in detail - how you meet those criteria.  
To be considered for this position you must either already have a
security clearance or be able to obtain one.

Please tell us what kind of salary+benefits package you are looking for,
and how your experience justifies it.  And please be aware that simple
'I'm interested' e-mails with a generic resume attached will not be
evaluated, and we will not contact you.

If you're the right kind of person for our team, we're looking forward
to hearing from you!

Dale Paus, MBA
CriSys Limited
(905) 474-9111 ext. 26

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