JESS: [EXTERNAL] Representing jess rule from nested objects

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JESS: [EXTERNAL] Representing jess rule from nested objects


Hi Jess Experts,


I am a JESS newbie and want to understand whether I am writing the below rule in JESS correctly:


We have a User Object and each user has a set of applications associated. Each application has a set of accounts and in turn each account has a set of profiles.


User Hierarchy:


User {username}

List of Applications {Application – {appName, userName}}

List of Accounts – { Account – {accountName, appName, username}}

List of Profiles – {Profile – {name, accountName, username}}


The rule we want to check is

If an user has a Profile (name = A) in account 1, Profile (name = B) in the same account (account 1)

and Profile (name = C) in account 2, Profile (name = D) in account 2

then fire the rule.



Jess Rule:


(defrule AFTS_RULE_01

(User (userName ?userName))

(Application (appName ?appName&:(eq ?appName "AFTS")) (userName ?userName))

(Account (accountName ?accountName1) (userName ?userName))

(Profile (name ?name1&:(eq ?name1 "A")) (accountName ?accountName1) (userName ?userName))

(Profile (name ?name2&:(eq ?name2 "B")) (accountName ?accountName1) (userName ?userName))

(Account (accountName ?accountName2&~accountName1) (userName ?userName))

(Profile (name ?name3&:(eq ?name3 "C")) (accountName ?accountName2) (userName ?userName))

(Profile (name ?name4&:(eq ?name4 "D")) (accountName ?accountName2) (userName ?userName))


(printout t "ATFS Rule satisfied for " ?appName crlf)



Currently we have introduced a variable username in all the objects to maintain the relationship between the User object and the child objects.


Is the above rule representation correct or is there a better way to represent this rule in Jess?





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