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JESS: inferred to asserted

nikos erinis
hi guys and girls,

i am using protege 3.4.4 with jesstab for my master-thesis and i am very new with protege and jess.
what i want to do is this: 

i want to create a rule that searches all the instances of a class and its subclasses and than printout something or maybe change a slot.

the problem that i am having is that i dont have any access to all the knowledge of protege because of the inferred and asserted knowledge or so i thing at least.
i mean i can see in protege all the instances but i cannot access them within my rule.

the code is something like this:

(mapclass ...)

(defrule Whatever "shows something."
(declare (salience 0) (no-loop TRUE))
?x <- (object (is-a classname)
(printout t "something " crlf)


the classname has other subclasses for example 

class: human
    subclass: man
    subclass: woman
    subclass: child

is there a way to convert inferrred instances to asserted?
or any other way that can halp me with my project?

thx for your time.