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Dear Sir,

I downloaded "OWLSM_Distribution_20051229" and I itegrate it i Eclipse.
I downloaded also some examples of OWL files using OWL-S version 1.0 .
My goal is to test an example with the algorithm "OWL-S Matcher".
You find attached these files.
"BravoAirProfile.owl"  as Requested Service and  "CongoProfile.owl" as Advertised Service.
Now I want to run "MatchingGUI.java".
The interface "OWL-S Matching Interface" is displayed. I click in "Open Requested File".
I click in "Browse" and I shoose the file "BravoAirProfile.owl"  in my computer.
It gives me:  Please wait while the service is loaded...
But nothing happens and in console I get:

Exception in thread "Thread-3" OWLJessKBError:
Error running rete to apply semantics
Jess reported an error in routine call
        while executing (call ?*owljesskb* loadOWLResource ?x FALSE)
        while executing deffunction loadOWL
        while executing (loadOWL ?import)
        while executing defrule MAIN::owl-imports-ontologies.
  Message: Called method threw an exception.
        at edu.drexel.gicl.semanticweb.owljesskb.error.DefaultSystemError.reteRunError(Unknown Source)
        at edu.drexel.gicl.semanticweb.owljesskb.OWLJessKB.loadOWLResource(Unknown Source)
        at edu.drexel.gicl.semanticweb.owljesskb.OWLJessKB.loadOWLResource(Unknown Source)
        at de.tuberlin.ivs.owl.matching.Reasoner.loadOwlFile(Reasoner.java:157)
        at de.tuberlin.ivs.owl.service.OwlsParser.parse(OwlsParser.java:136)
        at de.tuberlin.ivs.owl.gui.LoadThread.run(LoadThread.java:94)

Please, can you help me, I am really blocked for a long period?
Thank you in advance.