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j'ai vu ça sur le site de jess , ça marche bien

import java.awt.TextArea;
import jess.*;
public class display {
  public static void main(String[] unused) throws JessException {
     TextArea ta = new TextArea(20, 80);
     TextAreaWriter taw = new TextAreaWriter(ta);

Frame a = new Frame("Output");
     Rete r = new Rete();
     r.addOutputRouter("t", taw);
     r.addOutputRouter("WSTDOUT", taw);
     r.addOutputRouter("WSTDERR", taw);
     // Do something interesting, then...

but my problem comes from the fact that I already created the interface with j frameform and he will not see me on the textarea here's the code:
TextAreaWriter taw = new TextAreaWriter(textArea1);
//textarea already created
engine.addOutputRouter("t", taw);

engine.addOutputRouter("WSTDOUT", taw);

engine.addOutputRouter("WSTDERR", taw);

it shows me nothing
thank you so much